My Story

The dream began in 2020 when me and maw maw, a family of Creole heritage, found ourselves bored, just before the COVID-19 lockdowns confined everyone to their homes. I stumbled upon a photo of a crawfish boudin king cake on my timeline and was inspired to recreate it. After making it, I received numerous requests from others for the dish. A few weeks later, a similar scenario unfolded with an egg roll. It wasn’t until people started lining up for my food, stretching down the three acres where my family home is located, that I realized I might be onto something special. This realization prompted me to make a bold decision – I quit my corporate job and founded Nina Creole on January 31, 2021, as a mobile food establishment.

“I am fueled by the satisfaction of the customers.” – nina

It is my commitment to uphold values such as integrity, accountability, honesty, kindness, creativity, and an inclination to break away from the ordinary. I strive to offer a diverse range of options and foster a strong sense of community. These principles are the bedrock of my business and will remain unwavering.

It is difficult to put into words the emotions that arise when individuals indulge in my cuisine for the first time, only to return with rave reviews and a desire for more. Their smiles ignite a profound sense of joy within us and serve as a constant source of motivation.

meet maw maw

“A source of inspiration and my favorite person on the planet!”

Maw Maw, which means grandmother in Creole, has had a profound impact on Nina’s life. Her culinary expertise in creating mouthwatering Creole dishes, her vibrant Creole dialect, and her nurturing and caring nature have all shaped who Nina is today.

Maw Maw also plays a pivotal role as our pecan candy/praline maker. Her skill and dedication result in delicious candies that are made with love. To honor Maw Maw’s contribution, Nina has chosen to feature a photo of the pecan candies on the back of the food truck, serving as a heartfelt tribute to her.